Morning Light

Appreciating the Sunrise

I have always been a morning person.  The peace and quiet, watching darkness transform into light speaks to me.  I remember taking family vacations that were a 24 hour drive from home.  Everyone else in the vehicle would be sleeping, and I’d be the “co-pilot” sitting up in the passenger seat next to my Dad who was driving.  Sometimes the radio would be playing softly in the background.  Sometimes we would chat quietly, or just enjoy the rhythm of road noise as we drove along.  It was a quiet, peaceful, wonderful start to the day.

My favorite morning spot is sitting on the chaise in the sunroom, looking out through the East facing windows.  It’s the perfect spot to linger over coffee, think, check emails and Facebook, and watch God bring light to the world again and again.  I love watching the sky turn from black to midnight blue, to pretty pinks, purples and corals, and then into a sunny blue.

For years I have gotten up at 5am to be able to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee before getting ready for work and the (at least) hour long drive it took to get there.  Even 15 minutes of quietly waking and taking time to savor and enjoy a cup of coffee can set you up for a less stressful day.  I know that some people like setting their alarm to wake them up at the last possible minute to get up and ready for work, (then hitting the snooze button once or twice!)  That just leads to feeling cranky and stressed, and rushing to not be late, and who needs that added pressure in their life?

If that rushed, stressed out person sounds like you, just give yourself that sunrise wake-up treat for a few days and see what you think.  Slow deep breathing, quiet peaceful moments, and the beauty that is sunrise can improve your outlook on life and mornings!


The Sounds of Life

What sounds make you happy?

What is your favorite sound?  Is it the sound of a revving engine, which means you’re heading off for a ride?  Is it your favorite song, blasting away on the radio with the sunroof open and the windows down, and you singing along?  Is it the perfect performance of a beautiful piece of music, or the sound of a lawn mower signaling that it’s a sunny Saturday summer morning?

I love the sound of the ocean, how it grows louder as a walk toward the water, how the waves sound as they flow gently or crash loudly on the shore.  But my absolute favorite sound is baby belly laughter.  The sound of a baby laughing always makes me smile!  Baby belly laughter in general is great, but it is particularly beautiful to me when it is my granddaughter laughing.

My daughter and son-in-law live in another state, so I don’t get to see them often enough.  But one of my favorite memories from their last visit was holding Lila in front of my mirrored closet door.  Lila loves mirrors.  She thinks that the baby in the mirror is funny and likes to see herself kick and move.  Dan and I held her in front of the mirror and I let her kick away as she baby belly laughed.  Ah, that sound!  I can still hear it in my memory and it is golden!

I think that is why we love our favorite sounds.  They remind us of the things we like, evoke the memories of a certain time or place, or make us feel closer to the people we love.  Fill your life with happy sounds, and enjoy the sounds that make you happy!