Take a Walk

I love walking the beach.  My favorite part of visiting the beach when it took over two hours to drive there was taking a nice long walk along the shore.  Now that I live much closer to the ocean, walking the beach is a more frequent occurrence.  I am happy to walk anytime of day, but my favorite time is at sunset.

I enjoy walking with my husband, it’s a quiet time where we can chat about what’s on our minds.  The distractions of work, chores, social media, etc. are gone, and it’s just us.  The conversations aren’t necessarily profound, but it gives us a chance to connect and talk or just walk in companionable silence.

When he is travelling on business, I use my sunset walk as a time to think and ponder.  Walking has always been a way for me to work off stress, to think and figure out solutions to any problems in life.  When we lived in Michigan where winters are snowy and cold, and it was dark by the time I drove home from work, I walked the track at the gym.  If I had a stressful day at work, I seemed to walk pretty fast around that track!  By the 8th or 10th loop I had worked it out and could slow down and just let the endorphins flow.

The beach is my happy place and I love seeing the ever-changing waves, feeling the soft sand under my feet, and breathing in the fresh, clean air.  You may not live near the ocean, but I encourage you to get outside, and soak up nature.  There is always something beautiful to see, from the green grass or the leaves on the trees, to the flowers in your neighbors garden.  Maybe your view includes icicles and snow, or fields of crops awaiting harvest.  Getting outside and appreciating God’s beautiful creation can change your view in more ways than one!


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