A Thankful Heart

What Are You Thankful For?

On this day of giving thanks, it’s not uncommon to reflect on what you are thankful for.  Some families have the tradition of everyone at the dinner table taking turns sharing something that they appreciate.  I am very grateful for the people and experiences in my life.  Even when everything is not exactly how you wish it could be, life is still so wonderful!

For instance, this is the first Thanksgiving that we won’t have either of our children at the dinner table with us.  For the last seven years or so, we have spent Thanksgiving in Tennessee with our daughter and son-in-law and his Mom (and Dad, until his passing).  This year, with the drive being a bit too long to be practical, and flights not working out with Dan’s work schedule, our plans changed.  Our son and his fiancée are out of town for a well-deserved weekend vacation.  So I am grateful that we took them and my Mom (who was visiting us) out to dinner last weekend.

I am thankful that our niece and her family are hosting an extended family Thanksgiving at their home today.  Dan will enjoy the crazy brother bonding time that he doesn’t get to have often enough.  We will be spending time with people we love.  There will be laughter and giggles, food and fun, silliness and seriousness, selfies and photos galore.  We’ll all end up tired, (and perhaps a bit frazzled!) from the noise and inevitable chaos.  But our bellies and hearts will be full after spending time together.

So what else am I thankful for?  I am so grateful for my faith!  Christ has sustained me and my family, and my life is so good because of it.  I think it’s obvious that my family is super important to me!  My husband is my rock, my true love and my best friend.

Dan & I 11-20-18

We have wonderful children (including their significant others) and a granddaughter who brings joy and light into our hearts.  I am also appreciative of every beautiful sunrise and sunset that I am blessed to see in this wonderful, sunny paradise where I live.  The roar and crash of the waves, the gentle breeze, and the soft sand under my toes as I walk near the ocean bring me peace and joy.

sunset 11-20-18

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!  Take a minute to reflect and please let me know what you are thankful for.


2 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart”

  1. I am thankful for my incredible family, near and far! Even though it’s sad to not have your kids at the Thanksgiving table with you, you can can relish in the joy that you raised them to be good loving adults, and know they are spreading that love within their own family now.

    Growing up, you take for granted that you sit amongst your parents and siblings at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Not much thought is given to how much you will miss that family unit when it is gone! Siblings grow up, move out and get married. A parent passes away. Nieces and nephews are born, and the family grows. You may or may not be able to get together around the table now, as some are out of town, with an in-law family, or even out of state! It’s just the kind of sad reality that life moves on, things change, and you think back to being a kid, sitting at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It’s too bad that we don’t realize, in that moment, as that small child, just how much you have to be thankful for!

    I thank God every day for his love. I am thankful that I have my faith, and the love of my family! May you all have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

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